Call for Fellowship Nominations

The Fellowship Committee calls for the nomination of suitable candidates for APS Fellow through the Forum on the History of Physics. These nominations should be based at least in part upon achievements related to the history of physics. The Forum deadline for the receipt of all materials at APS is 15 May 2008. Procedures for nomination have recently changed. The new procedures are now available at: (scroll down to Fellowship).

According to these procedures, all nominations are to be submitted to the APS via the online nomination package provided at the indicated web site. The nominees must be APS members in good standing, which may be confirmed through the above website. A sponsor (nominator) and a co-sponsor, both of whom must be APS members, are required. Up to two supporting letters from other individuals, who do not have to be APS members, may be also submitted by uploading to the site. Please visit the above web site for further information and to obtain a list of the required documentation.

Nominations will be forwarded to the Forum Fellowship Committee for review. This committee will make its recommendation to the Forum Executive Committee, and after that all nominations will go to the APS Council for approval. Fellowship nominations may be submitted at any time, but must be received by 15 May 2008 for the next review.

For further information, please contact the chair of the Forum Fellowship Committee, Gloria Lubkin, or the APS fellowship officer or by telephone at (301) 209-3268.