Crowdfunding Effort for a biography of Richard Garwin

By Tony Fainberg, Institute for Defense Analyses

Dr. Richard Garwin
photo credit: Richard Garwin Archives,

The last newsletter announced the preparation of a crowdfunding effort to be launched soon: the goal is to support a completed, published biography of Dr. Richard Garwin, designer of the first thermonuclear device and arms control advocate for over half a century. Preparations to this end have been made on the site: a 60-day campaign to raise funds to support this project is planned to “go live” on November 1. Members of the Forum on the History of Physics (along with others, of course) are encouraged to visit the indiegogo site after November 1, to search for the campaign titled “Richard Garwin Biography” and to contribute to this worthy effort, following instructions on the site. More information on the campaign is available there. Any questions or difficulties encountered should be communicated to Tony Fainberg at Thanks to all.

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