FHP-Sponsored Sessions at the 2013 March and April Meetings

March Meeting FHP Sessions:

Baltimore, Maryland
Monday–Friday, March 18–22

Session B10: Celebrating 100 Years of Physical Review at APS
Chair: Don Howard, University of Notre Dame
Room: 309
Monday, March 18, 2013

“In the Beginning...”
Martin Blume

“The American Reception of the Quantum as Seen by the Physical Review,1900-1927”
Robert P. Crease

“'Your Most Distinguished Contributor’: Einstein and the Physical Review
Daniel Kennefick

“Bringing the Physical Review into the Digital Age”
Mark Doyle

Physical Review: a family of journals”
Gene Sprouse

Session M9: A History of Physics in Industry followed by Panel Discussion
Chair: Joseph Martin, University of Minnesota at Mimmeapolis
Room: 308
Wednesday, March 20, 2013

“Commercial Scholarship: Spinning Physics Research into a Business Enterprise”
Orville Butler

“A Place for Materials Science: University of Pennsylvania’s Laboratory for Research on the Structure of Matter”
Brittany Shields

“Dad’s in the Garage: Santa Barbara Physicists in the Long 1970s”
Cyrus Mody

“Industrial Physics—Southern California Style”
Stuart Leslie

Panel Discussion: “Perspectives on the History of Industrial Physics”
Joseph Martin

Session N32: International Physics Programs and History of Physics
Sponsoring Units: FIP FHP
Chair: Gloria Lubkin, Physics Today
Room: 340
Wednesday, March 20, 2013

“Fulbright Opportunities in the Physical Sciences”
Katrin DeWindt

“Revisiting the Bohr Atom 100 Years Later”
Ernst Wall

“A transformational year in physics: 1932”
Charles W. Clark, Joseph Reader

“Discovery and development of x-ray diffraction”
Yeuncheol Jeong, Ming Yin, Timir Datta

“Latest developments on documentary film ‘The State of the Unit: The Kilogram’”
Amy Young

Session S50: A Staged Reading of the Play: Farm Hall
Playwright: David C. Cassidy, Hofstra University
Room: Holiday Ballroom 4
Wednesday, March 20, 2013

April Meeting FHP Sessions:

Denver, Colorado
Saturday–Tuesday, March 13–16

Session C6: Maria Goeppert Mayer: The 50th Anniversary of Her Nobel Prize
Chair: Paul Halpern
Room: Governor’s Square 15
Saturday, April 13, 2013

“Maria Goeppert Mayer’s Work on Beta-decay and Pairing, and Its Relevance Today”
Stephen Moszkowski

“Maria Goeppert Mayer and the Nobel Prize”
Karen Johnson

“Remembrances of Maria Goeppert Mayer and the Nuclear Shell Model”
Elizabeth Baranger

Session N1: A Staged Reading of the Play: And the Sun Stood Still: A Play about Nicolaus Copernicus
Playwright: Dava Sobel
Room: Governor’s Square 15
Sunday, April 13, 2013
After the staged reading there will be a discussion of the play with the playwright.

Session P1: Plenary Session II: The Quantum 100 Years Ago, the Quantum Today, and the Quantum Tomorrow
Chair: Edward Kolb
Room: Plaza ABC
Monday, April 15

“Bohr’s Creation of his Quantum Atom”
John Heilbron

Session Q6: Pais Prize Lecture: Relations between Physics and History of Physics
Chair: Don Howard
Room: Governor’s Square 15
Monday, April 15

“Pais Prize Lecture: The Joy of History”
Roger Stuewer

“How History Helped Einstein in Special Relativity”
Al Martinez

“How to Make Judicious Use of Current Physics in Reconstructing Its History”
Michel Janssen

Session T15: Public Policy and History of Physics
Chair: Brian Schwartz, Graduate Center, City University of New York
Room: Plaza Court 4
Monday, April 15, 2013

“Robert Serber’s 1943 Los Alamos Primer Analysis of Fission Bomb Efficiency”
Cameron Reed

“Blurring Boundaries Among Physics, Chemistry, & Astronomy: The Moseley Centenary”
Virginia Trimble

“The Franck-Hertz Experiment and the Nature of Ionization”
Clayton Gearhart

“Erich Regener – A Forgotten Cosmic Ray Pioneer”
Per Carlson, Alan Watson

“Minkowski and the Concept of 4-Space”
Felix T. Smith

“The Role of the 1957 Chapel Hill Conference in the History of General Relativity”
Paul Halpern

“Is there a ‘Theory’ for Nuclear Proliferation”?
R. J. Peterson

“Effect on Public Policy from Macro to Nano Aspects of the Deadliest Illness of Mankind: Important Role of Physics”
Arjun Saxena

Session X7: 100 Years of the Bohr Atom
Chair: Peter Pesic
Room: Governor’s Square 16
Tuesday, April 16

“Niels Bohr and the Third Quantum Revolution”
Alfred Goldhaber

“Memories of Crisis: Bohr, Kuhn, and the Quantum Mechanical ‘Revolution’”
Suman Seth

“What Is Complementarity?”
Don Howard

The articles in this issue represent the views of their authors and are not necessarily those of the Forum or APS.