Education Outreach

Using Web Videos as a Recruiting Tool
Robert Ehrlich

Recruiting Physics Students in High School
Gabriel Popkin

Education-Outreach According to Vanilla Ice: Strategies for High-Quality, Effective Education Efforts
Greta M. Zenner Petersen

NanoJapan: Connecting U.S. Undergraduates with the Best of Nanoscience Research in Japan
Cheryl Matherly, Sarah Phillips, and Junichiro Kono

A LaserFest Teachers’ Day: Outreach to Local Science Teachers at the SESAPS Meeting
Amber L. Stuver

The Santa Fe Alliance for Science (SFAFS)
Bob Eisenstein

Physics Education Outreach: A NSF GK-12 Fellow’s Experience
Justin Mitchell

Returning to High School for a Few More Lessons
Kristy M. Longsdorf

The Science Posse: Innovative Outreach Connecting Graduate Fellows and K-12 Students
Kelly Herbinson and Maggie Renken

APS April 2008: How to Communicate Physics to the General Public Using Books and Articles
Art Hobson

APS April 2008: Physics Demonstrations and Strategies for Teaching and Public Outreach
Diane Miller, James Cibulka, Rebecca Trousil

JLab's Outreach Programs
Douglas W. Higinbotham

The Laboratory Science Teacher Professional Development Program (HS PD)
Todd Clark and Jennifer Coughlin

Online Physics Education Resources from the American Museum of Natural History (outreach)
Robert V. Steiner

Improving Science Teaching in California
Dick Farnsworth and Stanley F. Hitomi

Engaging Faculty Scientists in K-12 Education Collaborations
Elizabeth Stage

The San Diego Science Alliance: Fostering Community Wide Industrial and Academic Outreach
Patricia Winter, Nancy Taylor, Christopher M. Smith and Rick Olson

Education in Nuclear Science: A Status report and recommendations for the Beginning of the 21st Century (policy)
Peggy McMahan and Joseph Cerny

Nanosense: Introducing High School Students to Nanoscale Science
Patricia Schank and Alyssa Wise

The Bose In Harmony With Education program (outreach)
Jason Brisbois

The General Atomics Fusion Education Outreach Program
Rick Lee

World Year of Physics Fun Day in Kahului,Maui
Peggy McMahan

World Year of Physics 2005
Jessica Clark

Undergraduates Celebrate the World Year of Physics!
Gary White

Einstein@Home: Astrophysics for the Masses
James Riordon

Physics on the Road at the University of Nevada, Reno
David Bennum

Acoustical Society of America Education and Outreach
Thomas D. Rossing and Uwe J. Hansen

Optics Education - Hands-On Optics and More!
Jason Briggs

Education Activities of the American Astronomical Society
Susana E. Deustua

Education and Outreach Programs at American Geophysical Union: Strategic Investment for Maximum Impact!
Jill Karsten

What Makes a Physics-Outreach Program Family Friendly?
Robert Greenler

Syracuse: There is a Flavor of Outreach for Everyone
Sam Sampere

Idaho: Demonstration Road Show and Teacher Workshops
Steve Shropshire

Michigan State: Science Theater
Dan Stump

Missouri: Exploring Physics
Meera Chandrasekhar

Oregon: Road Show Demonstrations for a Research Laboratory
Stanley Micklavzina

Wisconsin: Exploring Physics
Jim Reardon

Alabama: Science in Motion
Dan O’Halloran

The Evolution of the Saturday Morning Physics
Roger L. Dixon

Reflection of a Physics Road Show workshop
Stanley Micklavzina

Defining Key Elements of Different Models of Mobile Hands-on Experiments
Julie Conlon

The Little Shop of Physics:
Brian Jones

University of Maryland Traveling Physics Demonstration Programs
Richard Berg

Fermilab's Ask a Scientist Program
Peter H. Garbincius

Why is a Sammy Sosa Home Run Like a Higgs Boson? (Or What's a Meta For?)
Judy Jackson

Conference on K-12 Outreach from University Science and Mathematics Departments
David G. Haase and Brenda Wojnowski

K-12 Outreach: Why Don’t We Do This More Often?
David G. Haase

Improving Science Education: Role of Scientists
Rodger W. Bybee and Cherilynn A. Morrow

Physics Outreach at the University of Illinois - Urbana/Champaign
Bob Williams

Lessons Learned from Industrial Outreach
Kenneth C. Hass

Educating the Public on the Importance of Physics
Ivan Schuller

Practicing Civic Science: Notes from the Field
Joel A. Snow

The Citizen Scientist: A Model for Professional Survival
P. W. "Bo" Hammer

Editorial: Teaching the Public - It's in the Bag
Diandra L. Leslie-Pelecky

Putting Wheels on Undergraduate Research and Physics Outreach to K-12
Dwight E. Neuenschwander

APS Teacher-Scientist Alliance
Diandra Leslie-Pelecky

Local Education Outreach
James J. Wynne

Missionary Field Notes (visiting classrooms)
Clifford Swartz

You Have the Wisdom and Know-How to Make a Difference! (how scientists can affect teachers)
Jan Tuomi