Graduate Education

The APS/AAPT Conference on Graduate Education in Physics
Janet Tate

APS April 2008: US Particle Accelerator School
William Barletta, Evgenya Smirnova, Michael Syphers

Development of a Comprehensive Physics Program at a Non-traditional Upper-level Undergraduate and Graduate Small University
David Garrison

Tapping Physics Education Research for a Graduate-Level Curriculum: A Novel Approach for a Ph.D. Qualifying Exam Preparation Course
Warren Christensen and Larry Engelhardt

Graduating Educated Graduate Students
Edward Price and Noah Finkelstein

A Ph.D. in Any Language: World Year of Physics Country Profiles
Ben Brown

Exploring the Alternative of Professional Master's Programs
Hans M. Bozler

Non Technical Chapter in PhD Thesis
Robert F. Heeter

Moving Forward: A Convocation on Science and Engineering Doctoral Education
Robert C. Hilborn and Diandra L. Leslie-Pelecky

Group Learning-Based Approach to the Graduate Electrodynamics Course: Jackson by Inquiry
Bruce R. Patton

The Education of Graduate Students
Diandra Leslie-Pelecky

AAPT's Graduate Education Committee Shares Goals
Diandra Leslie-Pelecky

A Graduate Course in Experimental Physics
Daniel H. Reich

Graduate Teaching Assistant Training
E. Leonard Jossem

Preparing the Physics Professorate (preparing graduate teaching assistants)
Karen L. Johnston

Guiding Graduate Students Through the Transition from Student to Teacher
Susan R. McKay

We're Not a 'Business', We're Academia! (business management perspective on educating graduate students)
Mark Paul