New Web-Based Collection of Open Source Physics Resources

Bruce Mason

The Open Source Physics (OSP) project and the ComPADRE digital library are pleased to announce the creation of a new web-based collection of OSP resources. The OSP Collection provides curriculum resources that engage students in physics, computation, and computer modeling. Computational physics and computer modeling provide students with new ways to understand, describe, explain, and predict physical phenomena. The materials in the collection connect computational simulations, models, and tools with curricular resources. Registered users of the library (registration is free) can build personal collections of materials, comment on resources, and submit materials for consideration by the OSP Editors.

The OSP collection can be viewed at More information about the Open Source Physics project is available at OSP is supported in part by NSF grants DUE-0126439 and DUE-0442481, and ComPADRE is supported in part by NSF grants DUE-0226192 and DUE-0532798.

Bruce Mason ( is in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Oklahoma and is the Secretary-Treasurer of the Forum on Education