Summer 2003



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chairMessage from the Chair
Wolfgang Christian

“The FEd has undertaken a new initiative to sponsor an annual session at a national meeting of the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT).”

glassesRandom thoughts from the Editor
Stan Jones

“Why do we spend so much time and effort reforming introductory physics education when the vast majority of these students are not physics majors?”

stopsignOne Physics and Astronomy Department's Unique Demographics
Robert Ehrlich and Maria Dworzecka

“The Physics and Astronomy Department at George Mason University is demographically unique in the U.S. Its 17 full-time faculty include seven females -- five times as many as would be expected, based on the national average.”

chalkboardThe Evolution of the Saturday Morning Physics
Roger L. Dixon

 “We know we are successful when the parents tell us how fascinated their sons and daughters have been and ask us why there is no such program for adults.”

graphicA Small First Step
Jesús Pando, Phillip Cervantes, Ruth Howes

“The candidate should have a demonstrated ability and commitment to the success of students of diverse backgrounds.”

bridgePhysics and the No Child Left Behind Act
Stan Jones

“But will NCLB result in more physics graduates? By itself, there is no reason to believe so.”

changeA Matter of Degrees – Writing for the General Reader
Gino Segre

“About five years ago I decided I wanted to write a book…”

chalkboardEvidence That Science Literacy College Courses Have A Significant National Impact
Art Hobson

“He found that the strongest predictor of adult science literacy is college science courses, followed at a much lower significance level by informal science education…”

changeBrowsing Through the Journals
Thomas D. Rossing

lettersLetter to the Editor
Bruce Sherwood

“I would like to react to the essay "Don't Lecture Me on Lectures" by Kelly Roos, which appeared in the Fall newsletter of the APS Forum on Education.”

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