Spring 2017 Newsletter

Richard Steinberg, Editor

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In this Issue

From the Chair, John Stewart

Forum on Education Election Results, Larry Cain

Nominations Sought for FEd Awards, Randy Knight

Fundraising Challenge for the Excellence in Physics Education Award, Randy Knight

The PIPELINE Project, Crystal Bailey

Director’s Corner, Theodore Hodapp

Sharing the Wealth in Physics Education, Bruce Mason

PhET Interactive Simulations: Joining the PhET Community, Kathy Perkins and the PhET Team

Using Simulations on Mobile Devices on Class, Colleen Countryman and Wolfgang Christian

Interactive Video Vignettes, Robert Teese, Priscilla Laws, and Kathy Koenig

Lowering Barriers to Curricular Change in Physics: Injecting Computation into the Undergraduate Curriculum, Kelly Roos

Teacher Preparation Section, Alma Robinson, Editor

Browsing the Journals, Carl Mungan

Web Watch, Carl Mungan

Executive Committee of the Forum on Education

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