FEd Invited Sessions for the 2014 March and April Meetings

Forum on Education Invited Sessions – March 2014 meeting

Bringing Newcomers into the Physics Community – The Importance of Growth and Community Support

(A38, Monday 8:00 AM, Chair: Angela Little, University of California, Berkeley)

Graduate Education: Sustaining Thriving Programs by Embracing Challenges and Opportunities in the 21st Century

(G38, Tuesday 11:15 AM, Chair: Theodore Hodapp, APS)

Assessment Issues in Physics Education

(S38, Thursday 8 AM, Chair: Eric Brewe, Florida International University)

Reichert Award Session: Preparing Students for the Transition from Instructional to Research Lab

(T38, Thursday 11:15 AM, Chair: Heather Lewandowski, University of Colorado - Boulder)

Forum on Education Invited and Focus Sessions – April 2014 meeting

Impacts and experiences with MOOCs

(C10, Saturday 1:30 PM, Chair: James Brown, Wabash College)
  • A MOOC for Introductory Physics, Michael Schatz, Georgia Inst of Tech
  • Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) for Physics – and for You?, David Pritchard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Riding the MOOC Tsunami, Wolfgang Bauer, Michigan State Univ

AAPT: Physics in the life sciences

(H10, Sunday, 08:30 AM, Chair: Randall Knight, Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo)
  • From Random Walks to Brownian Motion, from Diffusion to Entropy: Statistical Principles in Introductory Physics, Mark Reeves, George Washington Univ
  • Optimizing Introductory Physics for the Life Sciences: Placing Physics in Biological Context, Catherine Crouch, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Swarthmore College
  • Coordinating an IPLS class with a biology curriculum: NEXUS/Physics, Edward Redish, Univ of Maryland-College Park

Excellence in Physics Education Award: American Modeling Teachers Association

(J11, Sunday, 10:45 AM, Chair:  Michael Fauerbach, Florida Gulf Coast Univ)

AAPT: Readying Physics Departments to Engage in Teacher Preparation and Course Transformation

(M10, Sunday, 3:30 PM, Chair: Monica Plisch, APS)

Open Innovation Labs for Physics Undergraduate Independent Research

(X10, Tuesday, 10:45 AM, Chair:  Duncan Carlsmith, Univ of Wisconsin, Madison)

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