FEd Fall 2001 Newsletter - Change in Web Page Administration

Spring 2001



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Change in Web Page Administration

The arrangement for the FEd website has recently been modified. For the last five years, Ken Lyons has done a great job in implementing all aspects of the page, including static content and various interactive scripts, such as the elections, the summer jobs database, and the recent member survey. In the future, Jim Wynne has taken over the administration of the "static" content (that is, the information that is not generated in response to a query, but simply resides on the server), while Ken will continue to provide the services associated with active scripts. To the users, the change should be transparent, unless you look carefully at the URLs being displayed on your browser. Jim has set up the new pages on the APS server, and the web alias was switched to the new site in early January. So visit us at www.aps.org/units/fed and enjoy!