Spring 2001



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From the Chair by Ken Heller

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Results of the Member Survey by Ken Lyons

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Motivation and Improvement of Student Performance from Jeff Appel

AIP State Department Science Fellowship Program from Flory Gonzalez

An important link: The Final Report on "Review of Middle School Physical Science Texts" by John L. Hubisz


Physics First by Leon Lederman

Science Centers for the 21st Century by Dave Ucko

They're Having Fun but are they Learning?  by Alan Friedman

Serendipity Times Two by John Hubisz

Why is a Sammy Sosa Home Run Like a Higgs Boson? (Or What's a Meta For?) by Judy Jackson

The Tale of a Leaky Boat (The Case for a National Curriculum) by Howard Goldberg

Browsing the Journals by Tom Rossing

Physics in the Elementary School by Lewis E. Love

The Time has Come to Make Teaching a Real Profession by Ken Heller

What's Your Network? -- Project Kaleidoscope by Elizabeth McCormack

Growth in Undergraduate Physics at the University of Arkansas (Part II)  by Art Hobson

Understanding and Appreciating Physics from Pre-school On (or The Search for Intelligent Life in the Universe Should Start Here on Earth) by Wayne Snyder

Cosmic Rays through the Heartland -- The CROP Project by Greg Snow and Dan Claes