November 1994



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The theme to this newsletter is the need for the participation of our members: from a request for letters from our editor, Tom Rossing, to a general discussion of the roles scientists can play, to some practical instruction for how to do it. As Tom notes, letters can go to any of our editors, and will be considered for the then-current issue. To facilitate this process, you may click here to send an electronic letter to one of the editors.

The easiest way to navigate the Table of Contents (below) is to use the "Back" key on your screen after you read each article below.

We Want Your Letters
Tom Rossing
Scientists Have Important Roles, Responsibilities in Future of Science Education
Bruce Alberts, President, NAS
Comments from the Chair
Ken Lyons
Missionary Field Notes
Clifford Swartz
Browsing Through the Journals
Tom Rossing
National Science Standards - An Update
James H. Stith
You Have the Wisdom and Know-How to Make a Difference!
Jan Tuomi
The Introductory University Physics Project
Donald F. Holcomb
Book Review: Reforming Education: The Opening of the American Mind
John Hubisz, reviewer; book by Mortimer J. Adler.
A Letter: Preparation of Teaching Assistants
Richard S. Galik
News Briefs
  • Fifth Inter-American Conference on Physics Education
  • Guidebook to Federal Resources
  • DPP Education Initiatives
  • Lotze Sponsored Scholarship for Future Teachers