Fall 2017 Newsletter

Richard Steinberg, Editor

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In this Issue

From the Chair, John Stewart

Election Process for the Executive Committee of the Forum on Education, Laurie McNeil

Forum on Education Sessions at the Upcoming 2018 APS March and April Meetings, Larry Cain

June 2018 Gordon Research Conference: Physics Research and Education – “Energy as a Subtle Concept”, Nancy Ruzycki and Dawn Meredith

Director’s Corner, Theodore Hodapp

FFPER 2017: Reports from Collaborative Groups, Rachel E. Scherr, Michael C. Wittmann, and Paula R. L. Heron

Accessibility and Inclusion in Physics: A Working Group Summary from FFPER, Jacquelyn J. Chini and Jennifer Blue

Best Practices for Undergraduate Physics Programs (BPUPP) Task Force, Sarah McKagan, Theodore Hodapp, David Craig, Michael Jackson

Supporting Quantitative Research in PER, Jayson Nissen, John B. Buncher, Paul Emigh, Daryl McPadden, Caleb Speirs, Ben Van Dusen

Creating a Student-driven Literature Resource for Newcomers to PER, Lisa Goodhew

Supporting Graduate Students as Professional Writers, Readers and Reviewers, Leslie Atkins Elliott and Katie Ansell

Teacher Preparation Section, Alma Robinson, Editor

Browsing the Journals, Carl Mungan

Web Watch, Carl Mungan

Executive Committee of the Forum on Education

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