An exciting new award is now available to upper level undergraduate physics majors. The AAPT-ALPhA Award recognizes outstanding work by a student who has developed an advanced laboratory apparatus/experiment. The Award includes a $4,000 cash honorarium for the student, as well as an invited talk at the AAPT meeting where the award is presented. At the same AAPT meeting, the faculty supervisor will be recognized with a citation. All travel and meeting expenses for both the student and advisor will be covered. National recognition of projects such as these will encourage their proliferation and help build the next generation of experimental physicists and educators.

Please advertise this opportunity to your faculty colleagues, especially those who are teaching advanced laboratories, and to upper level undergraduate physics majors. Deadline for student projects is September 1, 2015. Faculty members are encouraged to submit a prospectus by July 1, 2015, to receive feedback on the student project. For more information about the Award including the submission process, please see the AAPT-ALPhA Award page. A flyer that can be printed and posted throughout your department and in student lounges is also available for download at the Award webpage. We anticipate presenting the first award at the 2016 AAPT Winter Meeting.

Jonathan Reichert, Chair, AAPT-ALPhA Award Committee (jfreichert@teachspin.com)

Beth A. Cunningham, AAPT Executive Officer (bcunningham@aapt.org)