Fed Sessions at the 2011 March and April APS Meetings

Chandralekha Singh, FEd Program Chair

The Forum on Education program committee and the session organizers have put together an exciting program for the 2011 APS meetings.

March Meeting: March 20-25, Dallas, TX

Invited Sessions sponsored or co-sponsored by the FEd
  1. Enhancing graduate education in physics: Focus on skills, organized by Renee Diehl, Penn State University (sponsored by FEd, co-sponsored by FGSA)
  2. Educating physicists for industrial careers, organized by Mary Lanzerotti, Pacific Lutheran University (sponsored by FIAP, co-sponsored by FEd)
  3. Broader Impact: Partnerships and resources to achieve successful public and K-12 outreach and engagement, organized by Eric Marshall, (sponsored by FEd, co-sponsored by FPS)
  4. Mentoring undergraduate research, organized by Sue Coppersmith, University of Wisconsin (sponsored by DCMP, co-sponsored by FEd)
  5. Physics Education Research in upper-division physics courses, organized by Paula Heron, University of Washington (sponsored by FEd)
Focus Sessions sponsored or co-sponsored by the FEd
  1. New ways of communicating physics, organized by Leonardo Colletti (sponsored by FEd)
  2. Teaching computational physics to classroom and research students, organized by Vicky Kalogera, Northwestern University and Amy Bug, Swarthmore College (sponsored by DCOMP, co-sponsored by FEd)
Tutorials and Workshops sponsored or co-sponsored by the FEd
  1. Tutorial: Careers in industries and national labs; a Pre-Meeting Tutorial, Organized by Stefan Zollner, (sponsored by the APS Tutorial Program and co-sponsored by FEd).
  2. Workshop: Tools and tips for teaching quantum mechanics, a Pre-Meeting Workshop, organized by Chandralekha Singh, (sponsored by FEd)
April meeting-April 30-May 3, Anaheim, CA
  1. Excellence in physics education award session, organized by Paula Heron (sponsored by FEd)
  2. Physics Education Research: Solved problems and open questions, organized by John Thompson (sponsored by FEd jointly with the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT))
  3.  Best practices in undergraduate research experiences, organized by Juan Burciaga (sponsored by FEd jointly with AAPT, co-sponsored by FGSA)
  4. Educating and exciting the public about physics, organized by Larry Woolf (sponsored by FEd, co-sponsored by FGSA)
  5. Best practices in K-12 physics teacher preparation programs, organized by Alice Churukian (sponsored by FEd)
  6. Effective use of technology: engaging students inside and outside classrooms, organized by Homeyra Sadaghiani (sponsored by FEd)

Focus Sessions sponsored or co-sponsored by the FEd

Integrating modern physics into the K-12 curriculum, organized by Peggy Norris (sponsored by FEd, co-sponsored by DNP)

FEd Program Committee for 2011 March and April meetings

Juan Burciaga (Denison University), Alice Churukian (University of North Carolina), Paula Heron (University of Washington), Ruth Howes (Ball State University), Laird Kramer (Florida International University), Eric Marshall, Peggy Norris (Sanford Laboratory), Homeyra Sadaghiani (Pomona College), Amber Stuver (California Institute of Technology-LIGO), John Thompson (University of Maine), Lawrence Woolf (General Atomics), Chandralekha Singh (University of Pittsburgh).

Acknowledgment: The FEd program committee would like to thank Gary White (Director SPS & Sigma Pi Sigma) and Tom Olsen (Assistant Director SPS) for representing the FEd at the March and April 2011 sorters meetings.

Disclaimer- The articles and opinion pieces found in this issue of the APS Forum on Education Newsletter are not peer refereed and represent solely the views of the authors and not necessarily the views of the APS.