Fall 2003


FEd sessions scheduled for the March and April APS meetings

March meeting

Monday, March 22: Research at Predominantly Undergraduate Institutions

(Brian Andreen, Peter Collings, Anne Silversmith, Enrique Galvez, John Brandenberger)

Tuesday, March 23 (joint with DCOMP) "Open Source Software in Physics Education and Research" (Paul (DuBois, Wolfgang Christian, Matthias Troyer, Wolfgang Bauer, Bruce Sherwood)

Wednesday, March 24 (joint with CSWP): "Keeping Women/Girls in Science"

(Elizabeth Simmons, Barbara Whitten, Mary Pavone, Liz Whitelegg, Gerhard Sonnert, Laurie McNeil,)

Panel discussion and reception will follow.

April meeting

Saturday, May 1 (joint with FGSA): "Alternative Careers"

(Benn Tannenbaum and others)

Saturday, May 1 (joint with CSWP): "Keeping Women and Girls in Science"

(Gerald Holton, Barbara Whitten, Tricia Rankin)

Panel discussion

Sunday, May 2 (joint with FPS): "Teaching Socially Relevant Physics"

(Al Bartlett, Kerry Browne, Art Hobson, Greg Mulder, Brian Jones)

Sunday, May 2: "Course Reform and PhysTEC"

(Ron Thornton, Ingrid Novodvorsky, Al Rosenthal, Gay Stewart, Carl Wieman)

Monday, May 3: "Textbooks"

(Greg Puskar, Paul Zitzewitz, Ray Serway, Mark Grayson)

Tuesday, May 4 (joint with DNP) "Undergraduate research"

(to be announced)

Possibly 3 more sessions.