August 1994



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Our newsletter editor Diandra Leslie-Pelecky chose to focus on graduate education , as described in her editorial. The AAPT also has a standing committee devoted to this area, and some of their activities are described in an accompanying article.

The first major member-involvement project of the forum is now underway, with the launching of our database of undergraduate research positions. For now, it is available via e-mail, and the instructions for access are given in this issue.

The easiest way to navigate the Table of Contents (below) is to use the "Back" key on your screen after you read each article below.

The Education of Graduate Students
Diandra Leslie-Pelecky
AAPT's Graduate Education Committee Shares Goals
Diandra Leslie-Pelecky
Comments from the Chair
Ken Lyons
Directions for Accessing the Database
Ken Lyons
Browsing Through the Journals
Tom Rossing
A Graduate Course in Experimental Physics
Daniel H. Reich
Graduate Teaching Assistant Training
E. Leonard Jossem
Preparing the Physics Professoriate
Karen L. Johnston
Guiding Graduate Students Through the Transition from Student to Teacher
Susan R. McKay
We're Not a 'Business', We're Academia!
Mark Paul
News Briefs