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April 1996



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Forum Election Results

Congratulations to the new elected officers of the Forum on Education. The new Vice-Chair is Paul Zitzewitz. Secretary-Treasurer is Morton Kagan. Member-at-Large of the Executive Committee, with Joint APS/AAPT Affiliation, is Jack Wilson. The other new Member-at- Large of the Executive Committee is Helen Quinn. 590 members voted out of a possible 3600.

Nominations Invited
Members of the Forum on Education are invited to nominate FEd members for positions on the Executive Committee. Any member proposed for a post on the Executive Committee by at least 36 members (1% of membership) before October 1, 1996, will automatically be included on the ballot. Nominations may be sent to Paul Zitzewitz, Chair of the Nominating Committee, or to any other member of the Executive Committee for forwarding. See the back page of this newsletter for addresses.

APS Fellows Nominations invited
Forum members are encouraged to nominate deserving colleagues for Fellowship in the American Physical Society through the usual nomination procedure which is published regularly in APS News. Prospective Fellows do not have to be members of the FEd, but must be APS members. Readers can obtain nomination materials through our Web site, http://www.att.com/APS. Chair of the Fellowship Nomination Committee for the Forum is Ruth Howes.

Members and friends of the Forum on Education are reminded that the new APS policy requires that they select the forum or forums they wish to join (or renew) with each membership renewal. Do not forget to check off the Forum on Education, to maintain your membership and support its activities. The first two forum memberships are free.