The APS Forum on Education Executive Board has made available a limited amount of financial support to encourage APS Units and Sections to actively engage in physics education and to address issues concerning the preparation of K-12 teachers.  Joint activities with AAPT sections encouraged.

It is not the Forum’s intention to propose an agenda for such discussions. The agenda should reflect the priorities and issues of importance to the individual APS Units and Sections and to the members they serve.

The APS Forum on Education is prepared to receive brief (approximately one page) proposals from APS members for Unit-sponsored activities to be held at Unit and Section meetings and at National APS meetings. The proposal should identify the topic and rationale for the activity, the meeting at which it will be offered, and the name of the person responsible for organizing the activity.  The proposal should also include a statement of support from a Unit officer sponsoring the activity.

In response to such proposals, the APS Forum on Education will provide grants of up to $500 to support the efforts of Sections for activities consistent with these general objectives. The proposals should be sent to the Chair of the APS Forum on Education.  The Forum’s Chair, Program Committee Chair, and Treasurer will determine which proposals will be funded. While there is no deadline for proposals, currently available funds will support about 8 such proposals per year.

In order to share their experiences, award recipients are asked to provide a brief summary of their activity for the Forum’s newsletter.

Proposals and questions should be addressed to the APS Forum on Education Chair or Secretary/Treasurer.