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Cochran, Geraldine L. [2020]
Rutgers University
Citation: For scholarly advocacy around equitable access that pushes the boundaries of physics education, especially for Black women and women from other minoritized and marginalized ethnicities, for advancing research on racial justice in physics education, leading to deeper understanding of structures of power.

Franklin, Scott [2020]
Rochester Institute of Technology
Citation: For decades of work to support emerging and diverse scholars in physics education research and to foster a vibrant and sustained PER community.

Henriques, Laura [2020]
California State University, Long Beach
Citation: For many significant contributions to PhysTEC as a site lead, architect of a regional network, National Advisory Board member, and mentor for the new regional network as well as for service to the American Physical Society in various educational initiatives.

Kane, Suzanne Amador [2020]
Haverford College
Citation: For the groundbreaking development of undergraduate curricula in medical and biological physics, and dissemination of innovative teaching in publications, talks, and popular media; and for research mentorship which is a model for endowing students with a superb, interdisciplinary skill set.

Reichert, Jonathan F. [2020]
TeachSpin Inc.
Citation: For great contributions to hands-on advanced lab instruction, first as a professor for over three decades, then by initiating and supporting many vehicles for broad dissemination of teaching materials and equipment, directly impacting more than 85 percent of all physics degree-granting programs in the U.S.