Date Approved by Council: November 13, 2016
Date Ratified by Members: TBA

In the following text, "Society" and “APS” shall signify the American Physical Society, "Council" and "Board" shall signify the Council of Representatives and the Board of Directors of the Society, respectively; and "Annual Meeting" shall signify the principal meeting held once a year by the Forum.


This organization within the American Physical Society shall be called the Forum for Early Career Scientists and shall be referred to in the following text as "the Forum" or as "FECS".


The objective of the Forum is to enhance the Society's ability to meet the needs of early career scientists, to offer them support services, and to provide them with an opportunity for increased inclusion and participation in the activities and decision-making of the physics community.


Article VIII of the Constitution and Bylaws of the Society, and the associated Policies and Procedures of the Society in current or subsequently revised form, are incorporated in these Bylaws by reference.


Any member of the Society who is a current Society member, has indicated a desire to join the Forum, and has met all requirements and procedures established by Board and Council can be a member of the Forum.


  1. Governance. The FECS shall be governed by an Executive Committee, which shall have general charge of the affairs of the Forum.
  2. Composition. The Executive Committee shall consist of the Officers of the Forum, the most recent Past Chair, the Forum Councilor, if any, and four Members-at-Large, elected to staggered two-year terms.
  3. Executive Committee Meetings. The Executive Committee shall meet at least once a year. A majority of voting members, including at least two Officers, shall constitute a quorum.


  1. Officers. The Officers of the Forum shall be a Chair, a Chair-Elect, and a Secretary/Treasurer, all of whom must be members of the Forum.
  2. Duties of the Chair. The Chair shall have overall responsibility for the operation of the Forum and shall preside at all meetings of the Executive Committee at which his or her attendance is possible. The Chair shall prepare the agenda of Executive Committee meetings.
  3. Duties of the Chair-Elect. The Chair-Elect shall serve as the Chair of the Program Committee. In addition, the Chair-Elect shall assume the duties of the Chair whenever the Chair is unable to perform them.
  4. Duties of the Secretary/Treasurer.
    1. The Secretary/Treasurer shall maintain the records of the Forum including minutes of Executive Committee meetings. The Secretary/Treasurer shall distribute the minutes to each member of the Executive Committee and the Forum Webmaster within six weeks after each meeting; The Secretary/ Treasurer shall work with the Webmaster to insure that the minutes are posted on the Forum Website within eight weeks. The Secretary/Treasurer shall notify the Chair of matters requiring Executive Committee action. The Secretary/Treasurer shall arrange for announcing, distributing, receiving and counting the annual election ballots from the membership, and for informing the APS Corporate Secretary, candidates, and Forum membership of election results.
    2. The Secretary/Treasurer shall have responsibility for all funds in the custody of or placed at the disposal of the FECS, and, in consultation with the Chair, shall authorize disbursements from these funds for FECS expenses, in a manner that is consistent with the general policies of the Society. Financial records shall be kept on an annual basis consistent with the fiscal policies of the Society. The Secretary/Treasurer shall present a financial report and an annual budget at the meeting of the Executive Committee.
  5. Duties of the Past Chair. The Past Chair shall serve as the Chair of the Nominating Committee.
  6. Duties of the Forum Councilor.
    1. The Forum Councilor shall serve as a liaison between the Council and the Executive Committee of the Forum. Following each Council meeting, the Forum Councilor shall report to the Executive Committee of the Forum regarding actions taken by the Council that affect the status and operations of the Forum.
    2. Appointed Council Representative.  Until the requirements for appointment of a voting member of the Council are achieved, a member of the Council shall be appointed as an ex officio member of the Executive Committee to provide liaison with the Council, serving as the Appointed Council Representative.


  1. Qualifications. Officers, the Forum Councilor or Council Advisor, and Members-at-Large, must be members of the Forum for at least six months prior to nomination.
  2. Nomination and election of the Chair-Elect, Secretary/Treasurer, Forum Councilor or Council Advisor and Members-at-Large of the Executive Committee. Each year the Nominating Committee shall select at least two candidates for the office of Chair-Elect, four candidates for the two openings for Member-at-Large, and at least two candidates for Councilor during the final year of the term of the current Councilor. The Nominating Committee shall also nominate two candidates for the office of Secretary/Treasurer during the final year of the term of the current officer. In the case of nomination of any candidate for a second term, the Nominating Committee, in consultation with the Chair, will determine if the re-election is appropriate.
  3. Balloting. The Chair-Elect, Secretary/Treasurer, Forum Councilor, and Members-At-Large shall be elected by mail or electronic ballot by the Forum membership. Election notification and voting procedures shall be sent to all members by the Secretary/Treasurer by October 1 and all votes cast and counted by the Secretary/Treasurer by December 1. In the event of a tie, the current members of the Executive Committee shall determine the winner by ballot, conducted by email. The Chair shall not vote except in the case of a tie in the Executive Committee ballot.
  4. Term of Office.
    1. The Chair-Elect shall be elected to a one-year term, followed by a one-year term as Chair, and a final year on the Executive Committee as Past Chair.
    2. The four Members-At-Large shall serve staggered, two-year terms with two Members-at-Large elected each year.
    3. The Secretary/Treasurer shall be elected by the membership for a term of two years.
    4. The Forum Councilor shall serve a four-year term. All terms of office shall coincide with the calendar year.
  5. Vacancies in Offices. If a vacancy occurs in the office of Chair, the Chair-Elect shall succeed and complete the term of the Chair and serve as Chair the following year. If the Chair-Elect succeeds to Chair due to a vacancy, the position of Chair-Elect shall remain vacant for the remainder of the term until the next regular election. If a vacancy occurs in the offices of both the Chair and the Chair-Elect, the Executive Committee shall appoint one of their members to serve the remaining term as Chair, and both of the offices shall be filled during the next election. If a vacancy occurs in any office, other than the Chair, the position shall remain vacant until the next regular election, at the discretion of the chair.
  6. Official Year. The Official Year of the Forum shall coincide with the Calendar Year.


  1. Statutory Committees
    There shall be two statutory committees of the FECS:
    1. The Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee shall be chaired by the Past Chair of the Forum, and shall also include four members of the Forum appointed by the Chair to staggered two-year terms, and one member appointed to a one-year term by the APS Council. The Forum Chair shall contact the Society Chief Executive Officer for the identity of this member. The Nominating Committee shall solicit suggestions from the membership of qualified members, from which to select a slate of candidates for elected positions. The Nominating Committee shall also advise the Forum Chair on suitable candidates for Society offices and committees.
    2. Program Committee. The Program Committee shall consist of the Chair-Elect and four members appointed by the Forum Chair to staggered two-year terms. The Chair-Elect shall serve as the Chair of the Program Committee. The Program Committee shall assist in arranging sessions including symposia of invited and contributed papers sponsored by the Forum at meetings of the Society. The Program Committee shall cooperate with the Program Committee of any other unit of the Society that is interested in sponsoring sessions or symposia in areas of interest to the Forum.
    3. Ad hoc Committees. The Chair may appoint other ad hoc committees, which shall serve only during his or her term as Chair. The terms of committee members appointed or recommended by an incoming Chair shall commence at the beginning of the year in which he or she assumes office.
  2. Appointed Committees and Positions
    The Executive Committee shall appoint the following positions:
    1. The Newsletter Editor. The Executive Committee shall appoint an Editor of the Newsletter to a two-year term. The Newsletter Editor shall be responsible for collecting and reporting on issues and events in the interest of Forum members and producing at least one newsletter each year. Election and balloting information shall be included in one newsletter each year.
    2. The Webmaster. The Executive Committee shall appoint a Webmaster to a two-year term. The Webmaster shall be responsible for keeping the Forum website up-to-date and for posting the minutes of the Executive Committee in a timely fashion.


Proposals for amendments to these bylaws may be made by the Council, by the Society’s Governance Committee, by the Forum Executive Committee, or by petition to the Forum Chair signed by not fewer than ten percent of the members of the Forum. However initiated, Forum amendments must be reviewed by the Society’s Governance Committee and approved by Council before further action is taken. Following Council approval, the Secretary/Treasurer shall distribute copies of the proposed amendment to all members of the Forum. Voting on the proposed amendment shall be carried out by electronic ballot as specified by the Secretary/Treasurer. Adoption of an amendment shall require the affirmative vote of not less than two thirds of the members who voted.