Virtual Pressroom 2014

56th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Plasma Physics

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October 27-31, 2014
New Orleans, Louisiana

New Insights into the Physics behind Stormy Space Weather that can Create Havoc on EarthPDF format
Earthly experiments are helping scientists probe the physics of plasma in space.
Scratching the surface of a material mysteryPDF format
Scientists shed new light on how lithium conditions the volatile edge of fusion plasmas.
Using radio waves to control density in fusion plasmaPDF format
Experiments show how heating the electrons in the center of hot fusion plasma with high power microwaves can increase turbulence, reducing the density in the inner core.
Calming the Plasma Edge: The Tail that Wags the DogPDF format
Lithium injections show promise for optimizing the performance of fusion plasmas.
Laser experiments mimic cosmic explosions and planetary coresPDF format
Scientists bring plasma tsunamis and crushing pressures into the lab.
Helping General Electric Upgrade the U.S. Power GridPDF format
PPPL lends GE a hand in developing an advanced power-conversion switch
American Physical Society Invites New Orleans to Discover PlasmaPDF format
Free Science Events Expected to Draw Thousands