Highlighted Plasma Physics Research - 2010

Over 1800 papers covering the latest advances in plasma-based research and technology will be presented. Highlighted below are some of the potentially newsworthy presentations at the 2010 APS DPP Annual Meeting.

Highlighted Plasma Physics Papers

All press releases are in PDF format. 

American Physical Society Invites Chicago to Discover Plasma
Free Science Events Expected to Draw Thousands
Fusion Makes Major Step Forward at MIT through Studies of the Plasma Edge
Researchers at MIT have taken steps toward practical fusion energy through better understanding of the physics that governs the interaction between plasmas and the material walls of the vessels that contain them.
Getting to Know the Sun Advances Fusion Research
A method known as Coaxial Helicity Injection (CHI) could eliminate an expensive component in tokamaks, leading to a more economical fusion reactor
Imaging of Alfvén Waves and Fast Ions in a Fusion Plasma
New techniques give scientists detailed images of processes critical for the development of fusion reactors
Many Faces of the Shear Alfvén Wave
Scientists show that 3D movies are no longer just for Hollywood blockbusters
Plasma as a Fast Optical Switch
Laser uses relativistic effects to turn otherwise opaque plasma transparent, creating an ultra-fast optical switch useful in next-generation particle accelerators
Scientists Unlock the Secrets of Exploding Plasma Clouds on the Sun
Twisted "ropes" of magnetic field lines erupt from the Sun and tangle with the Earth's magnetic field.
Taming Thermonuclear Plasma with a Snowflake
Novel heat handling method holds promise for future tokamak reactor designs
Vacuum Arcs Spark New Interest
Scientists make progress in developing a self consistent model of vacuum arcs