Virtual Pressroom 2003

When are the best walls made out of liquid? Or even gas? Why would anyone think chaos could lead directly to order? Would you like a microwave oven that wouldn't interfere with your wireless network? Would you believe that smog can be reduced with plasma?

These and many other questions will be addressed at one of the world's largest physics meetings this year: the 45th Annual Meeting of the American Physical Society Division of Plasma Physics (APS-DPP), to be held from October 27-31, 2003, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Around 1600 papers are scheduled to be delivered at this meeting.

Highlights & Press Releases

A large-format gated X-ray framing camera
A Little Chaos Goes a Long Way
A new entry in the science X-games
Controlling transport in high performance tokamak plasmas
Decontamination with plasma jet
Doing it with mirrors
Experimental observation of turbulence during fast reconnection
Fight smog with plasma
Good beta scaling predicted for ITER
Laser-produced particle beams: A new tool for science
Liquid lithium makes solid improvement in fusion plasmas
Liquid Metal Dynamo
Locked modes controlled on MIT tokamak
Measurements of shock-induced compression in titanium
Measuring basic material properties with laser-driven shocks
MHD spectroscopy
Microwave ovens that won't butt in
Mixing instability in high energy density plasma
Mr. Magnet Invites Students to Discover Plasma
Mr. Magnet Invites Students to Discover Plasma Firsthand
National Fusion Collaboratory
Nature provides a beneficial fluctuation
New control coils improve plasma stability
New NSF Center to study plasma self-organization
New operating scenario for ITER
New waves observed in MIT tokamak
Plasma injector for magnetized target fusion
Reconnection Experiments at LANL
Rotation Without Momentum Input
Simulation suite for accelerators
Spin stabilization of MHD instabilities
The Ignitor Project
Toroidal Alfven Eigenmodes
X-Ray Scattering as a Microscopic Probe for Solid Density Plasmas