Send Noteworthy News Tips to AIP!

The American Institute of Physics is working to bring scientific new to a general audience of nonscientists who are interested in physics. AIP needs news tips from us. Members of APS are encouraged to notify AIP year round about forthcoming publications and scientific meetings. The best time to contact AIP is shortly after a paper is accepted by a journal, or 1-2 months prior to a meeting at which the research will be presented. This gives them time to consider the paper for coverage in the AIP bulletin Physics News Update or even our more general interest website, Inside Science News Service.

A "tip" includes a summary (300-500 words) that identifies the news and includes enough background information as is needed to understand the significance of the news. Summaries should also mention industrial applications, consumer products, etc., as appropriate.

This route for submitting tips is complimented by the activities of Physical Review Letters in which they encourage authors of accepted papers to write short, high-school-level summaries of their papers for a general audience. These summaries are received by AIP, Physics Today, and Physical Review Focus, which highlights one or two PRL papers each week. DPOLY members are encouraged to submit the requested author summaries

Submit tips to Phil Schewe ( of the American Institute of Physics Media & Government Relations Division. Note that polymer physics is more difficult for the writers in AIP to understand, perhaps because it involves concepts that are not part of the undergraduate physics curriculum. So don't be afraid to assume as little prior knowledge as possible. They assure me that they will not be offended!

A number of DPOLY members have successfully publicized their scientific news using this APS membership benefit. You could be next!