Fall 2016 Newsletter


November 11: March Meeting Abstracts. Less than 2 weeks more to submit your abstracts.

November 11: Nomination for Frank J. Padden Jr. Award. Send nominations by email to Darrin Pochan (Pochan@udel.edu) using the subject line "Padden_name of student". Students must be DPOLY members.

December 31: Nomination for UKPPG/DPOLY Polymer Lecture Exchange. Description and instructions included.

January 13: March Meeting 2017. Early-bird registration deadline is Friday, January 13. (Late registration deadline Friday, February 10.)

Prize Winners

Olvera de la Cruz

Olvera de la Cruz Wins the 2017 Polymer Physics Prize
Monica Olvera de la Cruz (Northwestern University) is cited “for outstanding contributions to the theoretical understanding of polymers, and the effects of electrostatic interactions on their structure and properties.”

Moon Park

Park Wins the 2017 Dillon Medal
Moon Park (Postech, Pohang University of Science & Technology) is cited “for incisive experiments elucidating the interplay of transport and morphology in nanostructured ion-containing polymer materials.”

The Polymer Physics Prize has been endowed by a generous matching grant from the Dow Chemical Company, and contributions from LG Chemical Company and former Polymer Physics Prize winners. The Dillon Medal is sponsored by Elsevier, publisher of Polymer.

Parnell Selected by UK’s Polymer Physics Group to be the 2017 APS DPOLY Exchange Lecturer
Andrew Parnell (University of Sheffield) is selected in recognition of his use of scattering techniques to examine the mechanisms used in nature to create colour from nanostructures. His work aims to determine the minimal architecture needed to get the same colour effects synthetically, drawing inspiration from birds, beetles and butterflies. Parnell will speak at the March Meeting.

DPOLY members within six years of their Ph.D. can be nominated to give an invited talk at the next UKPPG meeting, i.e. the 28th Biennial Meeting of the Polymer Physics Group to be held from September 13-15, 2017 at Swansea University.

Please submit your nominations, which are due December 31, 2016.


Congratulations to the new class of DPOLY APS fellows: James Caruthers, Junhan Cho, Marcus Cicerone, Yossef Elabd, Sinan Keten, Guruswamy Kumaraswamy, and Ricardo Ruiz.


Candidates for Vice-Chair are:
Al Crosby (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)
Jan Genzer (North Carolina State University)

Candidates for Member-at-Large are:
Arthi Jayaraman (University of Delaware)
Gila Stein (University of Tennessee)

Candidates for Councilor are:
Jane Lipson (Dartmouth College)
Murugappan Muthukumar (University of Massachusetts)

Candidates for Secretary/Treasurer are:
Rob Briber (University of Maryland)
Steve Hudson (NIST)

Many thanks to the nominating committee (chaired by Ali Dhionjwala and comprising Karen Winey, Greg McKenna, Shaw Ling Hsu and Mahesh Mahanthappa) for preparing this slate of candidates.

If you have additional nominations, please send them (with supporting signatures from a total of at least 14 DPOLY members) to Steve Hudson, DPOLY Secretary/Treasurer (steven.hudson@nist.gov).

The election will begin shortly.

March Meeting 2017

APS March Meeting 2017

The next APS March Meeting will be held on March 13-17, 2017 at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, LA. There are 24 different focus topics in addition to 12 regular sorting categories that encompass a wide breadth of areas, including: biopolymers, natural polymers, conjugated polymers, block copolymers, polymers for water purification, polymers for energy applications, 3D printing, ring polymers, cured polymers and networks, nanocomposites, thin films, liquid crystals, crystallization, characterization, surfaces and interfaces, ionic systems, rheology, dynamics, glasses, gels, simulations, and more. There will also be a contributed session highlighting the work that Professor Ed Kramer has inspired in polymer physics; all are invited to contribute abstracts to this session. The deadline for contributed abstracts is Friday November 11, 2016.
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If you are interested in chairing a session, have questions regarding the program, or would like to make a suggestion, please contact the DPOLY programming chair, Enrique Gomez (edg12@psu.edu). Also, please contact Enrique if you would like to help sort abstracts and assemble the scientific program. Sorting will take place in College Park, MD on Thursday December 8th.

Padden Nominations

Padden nominations should be submitted by November 11, 2016 to Darrin Pochan (Pochan@udel.edu) using the subject line "Padden_name of student". Candidates MUST submit their abstracts through the regular APS system, as well as sending it in with the application.
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DPOLY Short Course

The Short Course this year is organized by Rodney Priestley and Robert Prud’homme on Polymer Colloids: Synthesis, Characterization and Application.

Meeting Resources

Resources to Help You Attend the Meetings

Short course scholarships are available. Please contact Rodney Priestley (rpriestl@Princeton.EDU).

Need help getting a visa to the U.S.? See helpful info on the International Visitors page or the letter of invitation page.

Need childcare? Go to the Meeting Child Care Grants webpage.

This DPOLY newsletter was edited by Steve Hudson, DPOLY Secretary-Treasurer.