Past & Present DPOLY Short Courses and Organizers

2018: GENE: the Gels, Elastomers, and Networks Experience
2017: Polymer Colloids: Synthesis, Characterization and Applications (flyer format_pdf)
2016: Polymer Nanocomposites: Challenges and Opportunities, Pinar Akcora, Rohan Hule and Russell Composto (course | flyer format_pdf)
2015: The glass transition in polymers, small molecule glass formers, and colloids: Recent advances in theory, experiment, and open challenges, Greg McKenna and Sindee Simon
2014: Multiscale Computational Approaches for Simulating Polymers from Atomistic to Mesoscale, Gary Grest and Dvora Perahia
2013: Membranes for Clean Energy and Water, Nitash Balsara and Evren Ozcam
2012: Case Studies in Polymer Physics from the Industrial Research World, Chris Soles and Karen Winey
2011: Advances in Scattering Techniques: Theory and Applications in Polymer Physics, Dvora Perahia
2010: Polymers for Energy Generation and Storage, Rachel Segalman and Michael Chabinyc
2009: Physics of Polymer Nanocomposites, Rich Vaia and Ramanan Krishnamoorti
2008: High-throughput approaches to Polymer Physics and Materials Science, Michael Fasolka
2007: Advances in the Use of Atomic Force Microscopy for Studies of the Physics of Macromolecular Materials, Christine Ortiz
2006: Polymers in Existing and Emerging Patterning Technologies, Lynn Loo
2005: Charged Polymers, Thomas Seery
2004: Rheology and Dynamics of Polymers & Complex Fluids, Wes Burghardt
2003: Polymer Chemistry for Physicists, Marc Hillmyer and Frank Bates
2002: Glasses and the Glass Transition, Ralph Colby
2001: Recent Advances in Polymer Simulations, Scott Milner