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Cohen, Robert Edward [2004]
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Citation: For seminal contributions to the understanding of the morphology and properties of heterogeneous polymers, in particular, pioneering fundamental work on molecular structure of block copolymers and toughening of crystalline polymers.

de Pablo, Juan J [2004]
University of Wisconsin, Madison
Citation: For the development and application of innovative simulation tools to problems in polymer physics.

Fytas, George [2004]
Foundation for Research & Technology - Hellas
Citation: For his significant contributions in the dynamics of polymer solutions, blends, block copolymers and soft colloids as well as on the dynamics of amorphous polymers associated with the glass transition.

Grosberg, Alexander Yu [2004]
University of Minnesota
Citation: For fundamental contributions in the statistical physics of macromolecules, including pioneering results in phase transitions, quenched disorder, and topology of polymers and biopolymers.

Karim, Alamgir [2004]
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Citation: For pioneering research on polymer thin films and interfaces, polymer brushes, blend film phase separation, thin film dewetting, pattern formation in block copolymer films, and the application of combinatoric measurement methods to complex polymer physics.

Lipson, Jane E.G. [2004]
Dartmouth College
Citation: For the insightful use of theory to understand the properties of polymers.