2018 Frank J. Padden Jr. Award Recipient

Jelena Dinic photo

Jelena Dinic
University of Illinois at Chicago


Jelena Dinic received her B.S. in Chemical Engineering from University of Belgrade, Serbia. Jelena is pursuing her doctoral research with Dr. Vivek Sharma, Assistant Professor, at the University of Illinois at Chicago in Chemical Engineering. Jelena’s dissertation research is focused on free surface flows of polymeric complex fluids, and the development of dripping-onto-substrate (DoS) rheometry protocols for measuring extensional rheology response by visualization and analysis of capillary-driven thinning and pinch-off dynamics of a columnar neck formed between a stationary nozzle and a sessile drop.

At the APS March Meeting 2018, in her talk titled “Extensional relaxation times of dilute and semi-dilute polymer solutions”, Jelena showed that the extensional relaxation times of semi-dilute, unentangled polymers in good solvent exhibit a stronger concentration dependence than anticipated by blob models developed for relaxation of weakly perturbed chains in a good solvent. Jelena elucidated how macromolecular stretching in response to strong extensional flows modifies excluded volume and hydrodynamic interactions, as well as polymer relaxation dynamics, and consequently, determines processability and the processing timescale for printing, coating, dispensing, and spraying applications.