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Bousso, Raphael [2012]
University of California, Berkeley
Citation: For fundamental discoveries in the field of quantum cosmology, including the covariant entropy bound and the string landscape

Cushman, Priscilla [2012]
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis
Citation: For outstanding contributions in the design and execution of experiments probing beyond the Standard Model especially the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search and the precise measurement of the muon magnetic moment, and the development of photodetection and low radioactivity instrumentation to advance the capabilities of high energy physics experiments

Dasu, Sridhara [2012]
University of Wisconsin, Madison
Citation: For leadership in understanding the mechanism of electroweak symmetry breaking in proton-proton collisions, contributions to studies of flavor-changing neutral current electro-weak decays of the B-meson, and innovation in triggering, data acquisition and computing in particle physics experiments

De Gouvea, Andre Luiz [2012]
Northwestern University
Citation: For exceptional service to the field of neutrino physics through innovative studies of possible neutrino properties and their experimental implications

Demarteau, Marcellinus [2012]
Argonne National Laboratory
Citation: For his contributions to our understanding of the electroweak interactions, his role in developing new capabilities for silicon based tracking detectors, and his leadership in expanding R&D for new detector technologies

Glenzinski, Douglas [2012]
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Citation: For his leadership on many levels of the CDF experiment including the construction and commissioning of the intermediate silicon detector (ISL) effort, serving as physics coordinator as well as his many physics contributions to the characterization of the top quark and search for new physics in the B_s channel

Incandela, Joseph [2012]
Citation: For distinguished contributions to our understanding of vector bosons, the observation and studies of the properties of the top quark, and searches for new physics at the LHC as well as leadership in the design and construction of new silicon tracking detectors that enabled many important new results at the Tevatron and the LHC

Johnson, Robert [2012]
University of California, Santa Cruz
Citation: For his leadership of the design and implementation of the Fermi Large Area Telescope (LAT) Tracker

Korytov, Andrey [2012]
University of Florida
Citation: For major contributions to the Higgs searches at LHC, and to the design and construction of high rate high precision Muon detectors for the CMS experiment

Ligeti, Zoltan [2012]
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Citation: For major theoretical contributions to flavor physics, and, in particular, the extraction of fundamental information testing the validity of the Standard Model from analyses of particle mixing, oscillations, and decays, all processes in which the strong force obscures the details of the weak interaction

Lipton, Ronald [2012]
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Citation: For his numerous fundamental contributions to the development of silicon detectors which provided particle physics with discoveries of new particles containing b-quarks and observation of unique processes with b-quarks in the final states

Martin, Stephen [2012]
Northern Illinois University
Citation: For his many contributions to both theoretical and phenomenological aspects of supersymmetry and his excellent exposition of the subject through a well-known primer, invited lectures and conference talks

Polychronakos, Alexios [2012]
City College of New York
Citation: For important contributions to the field of statistical mechanics and integrable systems, including the Polychronakos model and the exchange operator formalism, fractional statistics, matrix model description of quantum Hall systems as well as other areas such as noncommutative geometry

Roodman, Aaron [2012]
SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Citation: For pioneering contributions to the measurements of CP asymmetries and rates of two- and three-body decays of B mesons, especially those involving neutrsal pions and kaons, and the determination of the CKM angles alpha and beta and their constraints on beyond-the-standard-model contributions to heavy-flavor interactions

Svoboda, Robert [2012]
University of California, Davis
Citation: For his numerous contributions to the study of the neutrino, and development of technologies for neutrino detection. His contributions include the first observation of neutrinos from the supernova SN1987A, and development of large underground neutrino detectors such s IMB, Super-Kamikande, and Kamland that have resulted in the definitive discovery of neutrino oscillations

Wackeroth, Doreen [2012]
State University of New York, Buffalo
Citation: For careful contributions to electroweak and Higgs physics, especially the computation and phenomenology of electroweak and QCD corrections to W, Z and Higgs boson production at hadron colliders, and for service to high energy physics especially co-organizing a decade of annual LoopFest Workshops

Woodard, Richard P [2012]
University of Florida, Gainesville
Citation: For outstanding contributions in the areas of quantum cosmology and quantum gravity, and for his dedication to undergraduate and graduate teaching.

Zhao, Zhengguo [2012]
University of Science & Technology of China
Citation: For outstanding leadership in measuring hadronic cross sections and particle properties at the Beijing Electron Positron Collider and for important contributions to the detector construction and physics analysis of the ATLAS experiment at CERN