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Bagger, Jonathan Anders [1997]
Johns Hopkins University
Citation: For his contributions to the theory and phenomenology of supersymmetry, supergravity and supercolliders.

Campbell, Myron Keith [1997]
University of Michigan
Citation: For his leadership and vision on data collection and triggering at hadronic collider experiments, and its direct impact on the successful physics program of the CDF experiment at Fermilab.

Drell, Persis S. [1997]
Cornell University
Citation: For her many important contributions to elementary particle physics, including a systematic program to understand semileptonic decays of b quarks and measure the CKM matrix element Vcb.

Grinstein, Benjamin [1997]
University of California, San Diego
Citation: For his outstanding contribution to the development of heavy quark effective field theories and their applications in search of the origin of CP violation.

Luk, Kam Biu [1997]
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Citation: For contributions to precision measurements of hyperon properties and studies of heavy-quark production in proton-nucleus collisions, and for leadership in pursuing novel approaches aimed at studying fundamental problems.

Madaras, Ronald John [1997]
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Citation: For his leadership in pioneering technical projects and in physics analysis with the Fermilab DX detector, the PEP TPC and the SPEAR Lead-Glass Wall.

McCarthy, Robert L. [1997]
State University of New York
Citation: For studies leading to a broader and more precise understanding of the strong interactions, and for innovative developments in particle detectors.

Merritt, Frank S. [1997]
University of Chicago
Citation: For studies of neutral current neutrino interactions and weakly decaying states produced in neutrino interactions, and for setting mass limits on the Higgs boson and heavy leptons at LEP.

O'Fallon, John R. [1997]
U.S. Department of Energy
Citation: For his wise leadership of the Division of High Energy Physics within the Department of Energy, which has nurtured a broad and productive U.S. research program in particle physics.

Polchinski, Joseph G. [1997]
University of California, Santa Barbara
Citation: For his major contributions to the understanding of quantum field theory, supersymmetry and string theory.

Prescott, Charles Young [1997]
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
Citation: For his major contributions to our knowledge of the weak neutral current and the spin structure of the nucleon through experiments using polarized electron beams.

Radeka, Veljko [1997]
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Citation: For outstanding contributions both to electronics for detectors as well as detectors themselves used in particle physics and related fields.

Shifman, Mikhail A. [1997]
University of Minnesota
Citation: For his seminal contributions to nonperturbative dynamics in gauge theories (QCD and supersymmetric theories), and their observational consequences.

Skuja, Andris [1997]
University of Maryland
Citation: For his leadership role in designing and developing complex particle physics experiments, especially the recent work on collider experiments, including the CMS at the LHC in CERN.

Vainshtein, Arkady [1997]
University of Minnesota
Citation: For his seminal contributions to the confrontation of the Standard Model with experiment, and contributions to nonperturbatic methods, among them QCD sum rules, and exact results in SUSY gauge theories.

Voloshin, Mikhail Boroso [1997]
University of Minnesota
Citation: For development of new methods of analysis of nonperturbative properties of quantum fields and elementary particles and applications of these in studies of experimentally observed phenomena.

Weerts, Hendrick Josef [1997]
Michigan State University
Citation: For contributions to the building, commissioning and operation of the D-Zero detector at the Fermilab Tevatron collider, and using data to confront QCD predictions in new regions of phase space.

West, Geoffrey B. [1997]
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Citation: For contributions to the understanding of scaling in Deep Inelastic Scattering and for the elucidation of glueball spectrum in QCD.

Williams, Hugh Harrison [1997]
University of Pennsylvania
Citation: For experimental contributions to the establishment of the electroweak theory, including measurements of neutral current processes in neutrino interactions, measurements of the W and Z bosons, and discovery of the top quark.