2012 Toohig Fellowships in Accelerator Science at the LHC

The LARP Toohig Fellowship Committee invites applications for the 2012Toohig Fellowships in Accelerator Science at the LHC. LARP ( the LHC Accelerator Research Program) is a collaborative initiative of the U.S.DOE Office of Science, Division of High Energy Physics, and DOE Office ofScience laboratories. LARP's mission is to study and improve the operation of the LHC by helping with commissioning activities, by actively participating in accelerator research on the collider, and by pursuing R&Don instruments, magnets, and other equipment to facilitate a luminosity upgrade.

Details on the Fellowship and application process, and on Dr. Tim Toohig,can be found at http://www.interactions.org/toohig/fellowship.html

The application deadline for 2012 Fellowships has been extended to February 15, 2012.