Call for the nomination of candidates for the Robert R. Wilson Prize

This Prize is intended to recognize and encourage outstanding achievement in the physics of particle accelerators. The Prize consists of $7,500, an allowance for travel to the meeting at which the Prize is awarded and a certificate citing the contributions made by the recipient. The deadline for the nomination is July 1, 2010. The nomination should include a vitae and a description of the accomplishments of your nominee. At least two but not more than four supporting letters will help the selection of a worthy candidate.

More details and instructions for the nomination process can be found at .

Feel free to contact

Vladimir Shiltsev
Chair of the 2011 APS Wilson Prize Selection Committee
FNAL, Accelerator Physics Center
PO Box 500, MS 221 Batavia IL 60501 USA
Ph. (630)840-5241
FAX (630) 840-6039