2012 Project X Physics Study

Fermilab is pleased to announce the "2012 Project X Physics Study" to be hosted by and held at Fermilab over the period June 14-23, 2012. Project X is a forefront Intensity Frontier facility, currently under development by Fermilab, and both national and international partners, that would offer multi-MW proton beams at a variety of energies between 1 and 120 GeV. The Physics Study will engage theorists, experimenters, and accelerator scientists in establishing and documenting a comprehensive vision of the physics opportunities at Project X, and integrating these opportunities within a coherent plan for development of detector capabilities and the accelerator complex.

There is no registration fee; limited travel funds for participants may be available. For further information please visit the Project X Physics Study website at: https://indico.fnal.gov/event/projectxps12