MSU‑DOE VUBeam Online Courses and Degree Program ‑ Fall 2010

The following courses are available in the upcoming Fall Semester through the VUBeam online graduate program in Beam Physics, sponsored by MSU and DOE:

PHY861 Introduction to Beam Physics
PHY961 Nonlinear Beam Dynamics
PHY962a Particle Accelerators I
PHY962b Particle Accelerators II
PHY963 Participation in USPAS (for degree students)
PHY964 Reading Course in Beam Physics - topics by mutual agreement
PHY899 Master's Research (for degree students with approval)
PHY999 Ph.D. Dissertation Research (for degree students with approval)

PHY861 provides a general introduction and overview of Beam Physics.
PHY961 addresses in depth many aspects related to the nonlinear dynamics in particle accelerators.

The two-part PHY962 provides a showcase of various accelerator types from allover the world via lectures originating directly at the respective sites.

All courses consist of live and downloadable internet lectures, online lecture notes, as well as web‑based homework problems, many of which are interactive and provide immediate feedback.

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