Accelerator Physics Post-Doctoral Opportunity at the Advanced Photon Source

The Accelerator Systems Division of the Advanced Photon Source (APS) at Argonne National Laboratory is offering a Post Doctoral position to carry out research in the area of the physics of collective effects; in particular, those topics related to impedances and instabilities in electron storage rings. The work will involve studying both the present APS storage ring effects as well as the proposed APS Upgrade. APS is a 7-GeV third-generation synchrotron light source, while the APS upgrade is a possible replacement ring based on a multi-bend achromat lattice that could be housed in the same tunnel. We are seeking a self-motivated individual who will participate in the studies of the APS storage ring, in APS Upgrade activities, and also in R&D activities for future accelerators.

The purpose of the position is to participate in studies of collective effects and their mitigation. The work will involve simulation and characterization of present APS instabilities, as well as improving the understanding and operation of the bunch-by-bunch transverse feedback system. It will also include working on development of the impedance database for the APS upgrade and optimizing various impedance components of the new ring. The research will be done through simulations, experimental studies, data analysis, and software development.

The ideal candidate will meet the following requirements:
  • Knowledge of storage ring physics and general design principles;
  • Ability to do complex simulations in a Linux environment;
  • Ability to write simulation software or to improve such software working with a scientific programmer;
  • Experience in numerical methods;
  • Good skills in collaborative writing of scientific papers and technical reports. Knowledge of LATEX is a plus.

If interested, please go to, click on “Careers,” then search for Requisition “321979ASD”.