DOE position- Program manager in the area of Proton-Accelerator-Based Science

Office of High Energy Physics

Proton-Accelerator-Based High Energy Physics Research

Announcement Number 12-DE-SC-HQ-004(dc) & 12-MP-SC-HQ-007(dc)

A position posting in the DOE Office of High Energy Physics will only be open for 10 business days starting February 21. Once the posting is open, links to the online application will be available on website: Questions about the nature of the position and the scope of work can be addressed to me directly. Questions about mechanics of online applications for federal jobs can be addressed to Ms. Damita Cleveland, 301-903-8509.

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), Office of High Energy Physics (HEP), located in Germantown, Maryland, is seeking to fill a position with a Physicist who will serve as a program manager in the area of Proton-Accelerator-Based Science. This position manages research areas that include, but are not limited to: measurements of fundamental particle properties using accelerator-produced proton and antiproton beams; searches for new fundamental particles, using the highest energy accelerator-produced particle beams; and precision measurements that can illuminate the relationships that govern the behavior of fundamental particles and forces.

Candidates for this position should have a background including research experience and advanced degree(s) in proton-accelerator- based physics, accelerator-based science (such as particle physics), or closely related fields. The selected individual will manage the HEP research program in Proton-Accelerator-Based Science, and as such have the responsibility to plan, coordinate, implement, and evaluate research programs and projects in this field on a national and international level. Specific duties of the position include: preparing calls for proposals, organizing independent peer reviews, recommending funding allocations, preparing, justifying and supporting the portions of the Office.s budget relating to proton- accelerator-based science, and developing and preparing analytical documents to communicate with top management.

The salary range of this position is $105,211-$155,500. To be considered for this position you will need to apply online. Announcement number 12-DE-SC-HQ-004(dc) will be open to all current U.S. citizens; announcement number 12-MP-SC-HQ-007(dc) will be open to Career and career-conditional DOE HQ employees including Headquarters employees duty stationed in the field. These announcements will be open for 10 business days from February 21, 2012. March 5, 2012. It is imperative that you follow the instructions as stated on the announcements. U.S. Citizenship is required. The Department of Energy is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Dr Paul Schoessow
VP/R&D Euclid Techlabs
301.637.6452 (CO) / 301.637.6448 (MD)