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APS April Meeting 2017

Session M

M15.00001: Measuring position in 2-dimensions using induced signals in a microchannel plate detector
Blake Wiggins, Romualdo deSouza

M15.00002: A highly stable 30 keV proton accelerator for studies of angular detection efficiency on Si detectors
Americo Salas Bacci, Stefan Baessler, Peter Carr, Thomas Hefele, Dinko Pocanic, Nicholas Roane, Aaron Ross, R. Slater, Alexander Smith, Csaba Toth, Dane Warner, Shawn Zamperini, Panaiot Zotev

M15.00003: Development of a forward-angle gamma-ray detector array for MoNA-LISA
Daniel Votaw

M15.00007: Ultra-High Sensitivity Techniques for the Determination of 3He/4He Abundances in Helium by Accelerator Mass Spectrometry
H. P. Mumm, M. Huber, W. Bauder, N. Abrams, C. Deibel, C. Huffer, P. Huffman, K. Schelhammer, R. Janssens, C. Jiang, R Scott, R. Pardo, K. Rehm, R. Vondrasek, C. Swank, C. O'Shaughnessy, M. Paul, L. Yang