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APS April Meeting 2017

Session H

H12.00002: Development of a Neutron Long Counter Detector for ($\alpha$, n) Cross Section Measurements at Ohio University
Kristyn Brandenburg, Zach Meisel, Carl R Brune, Thomas Massey, Doug Soltesz, Shiv Subedi

H12.00003: A New Open-Source Nuclear Equation of State Framework based on the Liquid-Drop Model with Skyrme Interactions
Andre da Silva Schneider, Luke Roberts, Christian Ott

H12.00004: Report on an improved calculation of the Beryllium-7 + proton $\rightarrow$ Boron-8 + photon cross section at stellar energies
X. Zhang, Kenneth M. Nollett, D. R. Phillips

H12.00005: Reaction Mechanism Dependence Of The Population And Decay Of $^{\mathrm{10}}$HE
Han Liu, Thomas Redpath, Michael Thoennessen

H12.00006: Lifetime Measurement of $^{26}$O
Thomas Redpath

H12.00007: Enhancement of fusion at near-barrier energies for neutron-rich light nuclei: $^{\mathrm{19}}$O $+ \quad^{\mathrm{12}}$C
Varinderjit Singh, J. Vadas, T. K. Steinbach, B. B. Wiggins, S. Hudan, R. T. deSouza, L. T. Baby, S. A. Kuvin, Vandana Tripathi, I. Wiedenhover, A. S. Umar

H12.00008: Measuring the fusion cross-section of $^{39,47}$K + $^{28}$Si at near barrier energies
Justin Vadas, Varinderjit Singh, Blake Wiggins, Jacob Huston, Sylvie Hudan, Romualdo deSouza, Abdou Chbihi, Dieter Ackermann, Kyle Brown