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APS April Meeting 2017

Session H

H13.00002: Direct Observation of Neutron Scattering in MoNA Scintillator Detectors
W. F. Rogers, S. Mosby, N. Frank, A.N. Kuchera, M. Thoennessen

H13.00004: The new Digital Data Acquisition System for MoNA-LISA
Dayah Chrisman, Paul DeYoung

H13.00006: High-rate axial-field ionization chamber for particle identification of Radioactive beams
Romualdo Desouza, Justin Vadas, Varinderjit Singh, G. Visser, A. Alexander, S. Hudan, J. Huston, B. Wiggins, A. Chbihi, M. Famiano, M. Bischak

H13.00007: Development of a flexible circuit board for low-background experiments
Alan Poon, Paul Barton, Ankur Dhar, Joern Larsen, James Loach

H13.00008: Detection of far ultraviolet radiation by wavelength-shifting tetraphenyl butadiene
Joshua R. Graybill, Chandra B. Shahi, Michael C. Coplan, Robert E. Vest, Alan K. Thompson, Charles W. Clark