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APS April Meeting 2016

Session R

R9.00001: Examining Signal Decomposition in Ge Tracking Detectors through Source-Based Coincidence Measurements
M. Cromaz, C.M. Campbell, R.M. Clark, H.L. Crawford, P. Fallon, I.Y. Lee, A.O. Macchiavelli, A. Wiens, L. Riley, R. Taniuchi

R9.00002: Measuring gamma-ray linear polarization with Gretina?
Samuel Tabor

R9.00003: Exploring the spatial resolution of position-sensitive microchannel plate detectors
Blake Wiggins, Davinder Siwal, Romualdo deSouza

R9.00004: Toward Direct Reaction-in-Flight Measurements
Jerry Wilhelmy, Todd Bredeweg, Malcolm Fowler, Matthew Gooden, Anna Hayes, Gencho Rusev, Joseph Caggiano, Robert Hatarik, Eugene Henry, Anton Tonchev, Charles Yeaman, Megha Bhike, Krishi Krishichayan, Werner Tornow

R9.00005: Demonstrating a directional detector based on neon for characterizing high energy neutrons
Allie Hexley