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APS April Meeting 2016

Session J

J9.00001: Precision Measurement of $^{56}$Fe(n,n$\gamma )$ Cross Sections Using 14.1 MeV Neutrons
Haoyu Wang, David Koltick

J9.00003: Study on nuclear structures of Te isotopes beyond $N=82$ shell closure
Pilsoo Lee, Chun Sik Lee, Chang-Bum Moon

J9.00005: Nuclear Structure and Quasi-Discrete Features populated in the $^{152,154}$Sm(p,t) Reactions
P. Humby, C.W. Beausang, A. Simon, N. Cooper, E. Wilson, K. Gell, T. Tarlow, G. Vyas, T.J. Ross, R.O. Hughes, J.T. Burke, R.J. Casperson, J. Koglin, S. Ota, J.M. Allmond, M. McCleskey, E. McCleskey, A. Saastamoinen, R. Chyzh, M. Dag

J9.00006: Nuclear shell evolution
Ian Bentley