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APS April Meeting 2016

Session H

H9.00002: Search for $\alpha$-Cluster Structure in Exotic Nuclei with the Prototype Active-Target Time-Projection Chamber
A. Fritsch, Y. Ayyad, D. Bazin, S. Beceiro-Novo, J. Bradt, L. Carpenter, M. Cortesi, W. Mittig, D. Suzuki, T. Ahn, J.J. Kolata, F.D. Becchetti, A.M. Howard

H9.00003: $\beta$-delayed $\gamma$-decay of $^{26}\mathrm{P}$
David Perez-Loureiro, C. Wrede, M. B. Bennett, S. N. Liddick

H9.00004: Revalidation of the Isobaric Multiplet Mass Equation for the A$=$20 quintet
Brent Glassman, D. Perez-Loureiro, C. Wrede, J. Allen, D. Bardyan, M. Bennett, A. Brown, K. Chipps, M. Febbraro, Cathleen Fry, O. Hall, M. Hall, S. Liddick, P. O'Malley, W. Ong, S. Pain, S. Schwartz, P. Shidling, H. Sims, P. Thompson, E. Zhang

H9.00005: Rotational Band Structure in $^{32}$Mg
Heather Crawford

H9.00006: Structure of T$_z=3/2$, $^{33}$P Nucleus
Rebeka Sultana Lubna, Vandana Tripathi, Samuel Tabor, Pei-Laun Tai, Peter Bender

H9.00007: Study of the Nuclear Structure of $^{39}$P Using Beta-Delayed Gamma Spectroscopy
Brittany Abromeit