Calem R. Hoffman
Florida State University


"For his disseration describing the investigation of neutron-rich isotopes at the dripline, and, in particular, for the identification of a systematic reduction in the effective p-sd shell gap, indicating a weakening of the gap as neutrons are added."


Calem R. Hoffman received his Bachelors of Science degree in Physics from Florida State University in the Fall of 2003. He then completed his doctoral work in Nuclear Structure Physics earning him a Ph.D. from Florida State University in the Spring of 2009. Currently he is working at his first Post-doctoral research appointment at the ATLAS Facility at Argonne National Laboratory. Past and present research interests for Calem R. Hoffman include exotic structures in nuclei far from stability with an emphasis on nuclear shell evolution, as well as detailed studies of nuclei via direct reactions and through the observation of collective high angular momentum states. Calem R. Hoffman is an active member of the American Physics Society and the Sigma Pi Sigma and Phi Beta Kappa Honor Societies.