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Chang, Yia-Chung [2000]
University of Illinois
Citation: For calculations elucidating the transport, electronic, and optical, and vibrational properties of semiconductors, in the bulk and at surfaces, in heterostructures and in nanostructures.

Daw, Murray S. [2000]
Motorola, Inc
Citation: For his original contributions to the atomic scale modeling of the properties of solids, surface, interfaces and defects.

Egami, Takeshi [2000]
University of Pennsylvania
Citation: For pioneering work on local disorder in solids and its effect on properties, in particular the observation of charge inhomogeneity in magnetostrictive manganities and superconducting cuprates using neutron scattering.

Gösele, Ulrich Michael [2000]
Max Planck Institute of Microstructure P
Citation: For important contributions to our understanding of phase formation in thin films, diffusion processes in semiconductors, quantum effects in porous silicon formation, semiconductor wafer bonding and materials integration.

Iijima, Sumio [2000]
NEC Corporation (Japan)
Citation: For the discovery of carbon nanotube and promotion of its research and development.

James, Ralph Boyd [2000]
Sandia National Laboratories
Citation: For outstanding contributions and leadership in materials science leading to the development of wide bandgap compound semiconductor devices for detecting and imaging X- and gamma-ray radiation.

Jensen, Roderick V. [2000]
Wesleyan University
Citation: For pioneering contributions to the understanding of strongly perturbed quantum systems that are classically chaotic, like Rydberg atoms in strong fields, and for the extension of the methods of nonlinear dynamics across many disciplines, from atomic physics and mesoscopic solid-state physics to biophysics and neuroscience.

Mintmire, John Wallace [2000]
Naval Research Laboratory
Citation: For development and application of theoretical and computational techniques for the study of the electronic and structural properties of materials with reduced dimensionality including carbon nanotubes, surfaces, and polymeric materials.

Sankey, Otto F. [2000]
Arizona State University
Citation: For developing real-space first-principles electronic structure methods with broad applications to materials problems.

Smith, Darryl Lyle [2000]
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Citation: For his contribution to materials physics including to the understanding of the electronic and optical properties of semiconductor heterostructures and organic electronic materials and of devices fabricated from these materials.

Tamargo, Maria C. [2000]
City College of New York
Citation: For significant original contributions to the development and understanding of the growth and properties of novel semiconductor materials and heterostructures, in particular, in the field of wide bandgap II-VI compounds.