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Char, Kookrin [2018]
Seoul National University
Citation: For sustained and groundbreaking research in advancing both synthesis and understanding of perovskite oxide epitaxial films and devices, including cuprate-based Josephson junctions, tunable titanate dielectrics, and high-mobility stannate semiconductors.

Ghosez, Philippe R. [2018]
Université de Liège
Citation: For contributions to the understanding of ferroelectricity and related phenomena in bulk and nanoscale perovskite oxides, specifically the finite size effects and imperfect screening in ferroelectric thin films and for the discovery of a new type of improper ferroelectricity.

Hollingsworth, Jennifer [2018]
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Citation: For the discovery and development of non-blinking giant quantum dots, spanning pioneering contributions to materials chemistry, the photophysics of excited-state processes in nanomaterials, and applications in optoelectronics.

Lau, Shu Ping [2018]
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Citation: For seminal contributions to the fundamental understanding of the optical properties of nanostructured semiconductor materials, especially quantum dots and significant impact on the use of these materials for optoelectronic and energy storage devices.

Li, Xiuling [2018]
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Citation: For seminal contributions to the fundamental understanding and technical innovations to epitaxial growth, fabrication, and applications of semiconductor nanowires and nanomembranes, towards making electronic and photonic devices smaller, faster, and cheaper.

Wu, Junqiao [2018]
University of California, Berkeley
Citation: For developing and understanding narrow-bandgap nitride semiconductors and highly mismatched alloys, for pioneering the physics of point defects and interlayer coupling of twodimensional semiconductors, and for discovering non-quasiparticle electro-thermal transport in strongly correlated metals.

Xiong, Qihua [2018]
Nanyang Technological University
Citation: For outstanding contributions to semiconductor nanomaterials synthesis, advanced optical spectroscopy and mechanistic understanding of light-matter interactions, leading to semiconductor laser cooling and high performance nanolasers.