Ask Your Colleagues to Join the Division of Laser Science

The Division of Laser Science (DLS) is a subunit of the American Physical Society (APS) specifically concerned with the use of lasers in science, the application of lasers in technology, and the interests of the laser community within the APS.


  • Promotes laser interests within the APS and represents such interests with other societies.
  • Sponsors awards and educational program, including a Distinguished Traveling Lecturer Program aimed at four-year institutions.
  • Sponsors the Laser Science (LS) Conference and co-sponsors the Quantum Electronics and Laser Science (QELS) Conference.

Benefits of Membership

  • The DLS Newsletter, a valuable source of information related to your profession including advanced meeting information.
  • A route to APS Fellowship.
  • Influence of the Laser Science actions in APS.
  • Increased interactions with your colleagues in Laser Science related fields.
  • Email notifications of important meetings and opportunities in Laser Science.
  • Student travel grants
  • Thesis prize
  • Childcare grants

How to Join

If you are already an APS member, check the DLS line on your APS renewal form and include the additional $10 with your dues. Or join online.

If you have already renewed your APS membership for the year, or if you are not an APS member, call the APS Membership Department at (301) 209-3280 or look up the membership information on the APS Home Page at APS Membership Homepage.