• The Division of Laser Science (DLS) will be responsible for the travel expenses and honorarium of the lecturer.
  • The host institution will be responsible for the local expenses of the lecturer and for advertising the public lecture.
  • Recommendations to the DLS chair for host institutions will be made by the Selection Committee after consulting with the lecturers.
  • Priority will be given to those institutions that do not have extensive resources for similar programs.
  • Applications should be submitted by members of DLS.
  • One may sign up for DLS membership through the APS website
  • The application deadlines occur twice a year: May 30 and November 30, for proposed visits roughly six-twelve months in the future.
  • We cannot guarantee an applicant's first choice of speaker and time, since there is competition within the program.
  • Ordinarily, DTL visits to an institution should be three years apart.

Dr. Carlos Stroud's research specializes in quantum optics. This picture represents a circular-orbit wave packet.