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Adhikari, Rana X. [2018]
California Institute of Technology
Citation: For numerous and crucial contributions to the improvement of the sensitivity and performance of the Initial, Enhanced and Advanced LIGO detectors, and the design and development of gravitational-wave detectors beyond Advanced LIGO, and to the mentoring of a new generation of scientists.

Barsotti, Lisa [2018]
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Citation: For extraordinary leadership in commissioning the Advanced LIGO detectors, improving their sensitivity through implementation of squeezed light, and enhancing the operation of the gravitational wave detector network through joint run planning between LIGO and Virgo.

Fulling, Stephen A. [2018]
Texas A&M University
Citation: For laying foundations for quantum field theory in curved spacetime, and for working to maximize communication between physics and mathematics, and between subfields of each.

Kidder, Lawrence E. [2018]
Cornell University
Citation: For major contributions to the development of numerical relativity by being a principal author of the Spectral Einstein Code (SpEC), and also for contributions to the post-Newtonian theory of spinning bodies.

Strominger, Andrew [2018]
Harvard University
Citation: For outstanding insights into quantum gravity especially properties of quantum black holes.