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Financial Assistance to Attend Annual DFD Meeting

The External Affairs Committee is responsible for education and outreach activities of the DFD. As such, the DFD wishes to promote the subject of fluid dynamics and help those who find the financial burden of the meeting difficult.  Awards are $500 for travel in North America and $1,000 for elsewhere.

We target in particular young scientists and those not otherwise able to attend. Towards this end, the Division of Fluid Dynamics will provide a small number of individuals with financial support to attend the annual meeting. This program aims to:

  1. Support undergraduates to attend the annual meeting (about 5 awards will be made)
  2. Support graduate students of investigators within 3 years of their faculty appointment and who lack other support to attend the annual meeting (about 5 awards will be made)
  3. Support scientists from other countries to attend the meeting (about 10 awards will be made); preference will be given to scientists from underdeveloped countries who would not ordinarily attend the meeting.

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2006 USNCTAM Report on Fluid Dynamics

The United States National Committee on Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (USNC/TAM) has established a subcommittee to regularly survey the field of mechanics, with particular emphasis on identifying areas of mechanics for future research. Although early reports were intended for a fairly technical audience, recent emphasis has been placed on reaching a broader audience to convey the importance of mechanics research to modern society.

In 2005, The external affairs committee, in coordination with the executive committee, created a document to provide a vision of the current challenges in the area of fluid mechanics. The document is intended to appeal to a broad audience applicable for both policy decisions and public awareness.

Research in Fluid Mechanics: Meeting National Needs (2006)

Research in Fluid Mechanics: Meeting National Needs (2006)

This and previous USNC/TAM research direction reports can be found on their website.

The Division of Fluid Dynamics is grateful for the support of the above outreach programs from the following organizations:

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Abdus Salam International Centre for Applied Physics



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