Outreach and Grants

Education and Outreach

The DFD Education & Outreach Committee coordinates a range of workshops and lunches each year. The "Fluids Education Lunch / Workshop" focuses on fluid dynamics-related education activities at K-12, college, and higher-ed levels. It typically includes a panel discussion and demonstrations related to course material, classroom experiments, technology, etc. The "Women in Fluids Luncheon" focuses on a range of topics from recruiting, retention, and professional skill building. The Education & Outreach Committee also assists in resume helping workshops at the DFD meeting for anyone interested in applying to academia or industry. A new panel was recently added consisting of prominent members in the fluid dynamics community to provide advice on applying to faculty and postdoctoral positions. The main themes or focus of these events may vary year to year.

Financial Assistance

The division makes grants to a small number of individuals needing financial support to attend the annual meeting. Application forms are available on the meeting portal in early June, where a link for questions will also be found. Applications are due at the end of July. Late submissions are not considered. Travel grants can either cover part or all of the cost of attendance; the (nontrivial) distinction between the two cases is explained on the application form. Members of DFD whose participation will require additional expense either for child care, or owing to disability, are eligible for special grants.

For financial support, the Division is grateful to the National Science Foundation (Division of Chemical, Bioengineering, Environmental, and Transport Systems), and to AIP Publishing (‘Physics of Fluids—serving the fluid dynamics community since 1958’).